30 Catchy Problem Solution Essay Topics

30 Catchy Problem Solution Essay Topics
Table of Contents
  1. 30 Catchy Problem Solution Essay Topics
  2. A list of useful examples
  3. Themes for your problem solution paper about relationships
  4. Transportation and driving
  5. Family life
  6. Topics for a problem solution essay on poverty and social matters
  7. Sports
  8. Other interesting problem solution essay topics for college students
  9. Find a solution to any issue
  10. Top characteristics of a good problem solution essay topic
  11. Do you need additional help?

When writing problem solution essays, the primary concern of every student is to pick an interesting theme after careful thinking, unlike a cause and effect essay . Choose an issue and an effective way to solve it. Look for the one you’re enthusiastic about. Consider excellent problem solution essay topics and pick the one that comes with its practical solution or significant action plan. This choice may seem easy, but many students of every academic level face a number of challenges when making it. Keep reading this guide because it will provide helpful ways.

A list of useful examples

If you find it hard to choose good problem solution essay topics, pay attention to such areas as sports, politics, family life, environment issues, government, technology, media school, and others. There’s a lot of information about them over the Internet. Use the following ideas of essay writing for your inspiration.

Themes for your problem solution paper about relationships

  • How to stop bullying on social media platforms,
  • Effective methods to deal with overbearing individuals,
  • Face-to-face relationships vs texting in the world today,
  • Understanding existing differences in cultures and races,
  • How people can make a difference as a whole society.

Transportation and driving

  • Smoking while driving: quieting this bad habit,
  • Training to be careful drivers: the necessary changes in current laws,
  • How to encourage the inhabitants of your town to take public transportation,
  • The best strategy to prevent deaths and DUI because of drunk driving,
  • What is the fastest way to find the right route to a new place?

Family life

  • How parents should help teens avoid eating disorders and have a positive body image,
  • Effective ways to increase the number of adopted kids,
  • How families can teach money management to a child,
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s obesity: what to do about that,
  • Helping young people create a healthy family.

Topics for a problem solution essay on poverty and social matters

  • Address the need for support for homeless people in your community,
  • How to put a stop to high teen pregnancy rates,
  • Experiments with illegal drugs in high schools: ways to make it hard for teenagers to get their drug access,
  • Rehabilitation process for prisoners to be functional members of the society,
  • How to help victims of gun or family violence?


  • Children tend to train  hard at their young age: what to do about that,
  • How colleges can get a good balance of athletics and education,
  • How to increase attendance at sporting events,
  • What to do to make your local sports team more effective,
  • What games should sports networks cover?

Other interesting problem solution essay topics for college students

  • Effective tips that can help you improve your grades,
  • How a long-distance relationship can work if you’re in different colleges,
  • Simple ways for international education to become more affordable,
  • How parents can give their kids freedom and let them show that they’re independent,
  • How to stay in shape and balance your class studies?

Find a solution to any issue

Feel free to make a difference with this type of paper and write about something that really means to you. It should force readers to make a change. The call for action starts with your idea. That’s why you should for the problem solution essay topics that you feel passionate about (it’s a sure way to make a difference). Picking the subject you like is not the only factor that determines the future success of your piece of writing. Consider a few other pointers.

Select a specific issue and stick to it. There are many themes to choose from, including terrorism, human rights, sexual trafficking, or unemployment, but your subject should neither be very narrow or too broad. Take a word count into consideration. Sticking to one specific question is a good idea.

Your next step is stating a strong thesis that should be present in a final part of the introductory paragraph. It’s an assumption that you’ll further analyze in your paper. Look for reliable sources and make sure that you can find enough data to support and prove your thesis statement.

The main body usually contains 3-5 paragraphs. Their number depends on your paper size. Every paragraph should analyze a separate point and all of your ideas must connect to each other in a logical manner.

Avoid a common mistake of many students in the conclusion. You may find it logical to sum up everything in a concluding section to earn high grades and impress your teachers with academic paper writing, but it’s necessary to try harder. The main thing that you should do when wrapping up your paper is to restate a thesis and prove that it’s right. It’s the whole point of writing it.

Top characteristics of a good problem solution essay topic

When looking for a perfect topic for your problem solution paper, consider these important characteristics:

  • Providing an accurate indication of what you’ll say in the rest of your paper,
  • Containing a controlling idea,
  • Being easy and clear to follow,
  • Not including any supporting details or evidence,
  • Engaging target readers by using original vocabulary.

Do you need additional help?

Use the above-mentioned problem solution paper ideas as your helpful suggestions because they’ll inspire you while searching for a perfect subject. If you feel that this undertaking is difficult, don’t worry about anything because you can count on the online services of professional writers. It’s easy to contact them and place your order.

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