F.A.Q. — Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Pro-Academic-Writers.com?

Pro-Academic-Writers.com is a convenient and reliable source of academic assistance provided by competent experts. With us, you will get a properly crafted academic assignment / well-research materials that you could use at your own discretion.

Why choose Pro-Academic-Writers.com?

We know exactly what you are looking for:

  • Expertise & Professionalism: our writers undergo an intense 5-phase hiring process. We accept the ablest and experienced to join our team.
  • Quality & Originality: we deliver unique custom pieces of content written according to your particular needs and requirements
  • Security & Confidentiality: your private information is safe and secure with us.
  • Service & Support: we're 24/7 ready and eager to give you a helping hand.
How does Pro-Academic-Writers.com work?

First, you should fill in the order form. This step is rather crucial since providing accurate and clear instructions is the best way for us to be on the same page when it comes to the specifics of your assignment. Your account is automatically created during order placement. We require a full prepayment in order to start working on your order. Once received, you can monitor the progress of your order and communicate with the dedicated writer. When your order is completed, an email notification is sent to you, the paper becomes available for download on your dashboard.

Is Pro-Academic-Writers.com legit?

Pro-Academic-Writers.com is perfectly legal. It is a reliable custom writing service that operates according to strict terms and policies. We provide written pieces of content based on your needs to be used as examples / references / research materials.

Is it ethical to receive your help with my assignments?

Think of us as your personal academic assistant. We believe you will make good use of our materials to become a more scholarly and erudite individual.

Will my paper be written from scratch?

All papers we write are original and void of plagiarism. However since there are a limited number of ways to put ideas into words, some fragments of text could have been already used at some points in human history. Any quotes or references that would be reasonable (or if requested) to include in your order will also appear non-original. You may choose to add a plagiarism report for only $19.99. It will be delivered alongside your order.

Writers & Language

How qualified are your writers?

All our writers undergo a rigorous selection process. This includes thorough examination of their writing skills, deep awareness of their field of expertise and the validity of their academic and professional credentials. Only the most capable and educated experts end up working with us. We stick to the most responsible approach when it comes to your educational success.

Is there an available writer ready to complete my order?

There are usually quite a few writers ready to take on your order either right away or within a reasonable timeframe, depending on how urgent it is. If you believe your order is somewhat not typical or unusually complex consider reaching us out. We will be eager to advise.

Where are your writers located?

We work with both ENL and ESL writers from all over the world. As they work with us on a freelance basis, their location varies most of them are from the US, UK, Canada, Australia but there are writers from other countries as well.

Are your writers native English speakers?

More than 80% of writers in our team are native English speakers. Nevertheless, they pass the same qualification tests before being considered for the position as the ESL writers do. By default we assign ENL writers only.

I want a non native English speaking writer.

All you need to do is to mention this in the "Paper Details" field while placing your order. Our support representatives will take care of it, and the appropriate ESL expert will be assigned.

I need my paper written in a specific manner.

You should include all your specific requirements in the "Paper Details" field or attach applicable files while placing your order. We will take into account all the information provided to complete your order as per your needs.

Can I contact my writer directly?

Sure thing! Once the expert is assigned, you may message them using the "Messages" section located on the "Order Info" page on your personal profile.

What is the "Premium writer" feature?

The "Premium writer" option guarantees that your paper will be completed by one of the writers who has been working with us for years and who has proven their impeccable reliability and expertise in the selected subject area. Let that not confuse you, since if you don’t choose this feature you will still get a well-written quality paper.

What is the "Preferred writers" feature?

If you are logged into your personal account on our website, you will see the Preferred Writer option below the Deadline section in the order form. The option allows you to choose a writer who you had worked with previously to complete your current assignment. We suggest you select multiple writers from the list as it may increase the chances that your order will be completed by one of the chosen writers.

I want to change my writer.

In rare cases, you may feel like your writer doesn't fully grasp the concept. If such an unpleasant situation arises, simply contact our support team. They will come up with the optimal solution so that you are left satisfied with the completed work.

Quality & Satisfaction

How well will my work be written?

In the vast majority of cases, you will be fully satisfied with the order received. Since we deal with the true academic experts, the written materials you get will meet high-quality standards in terms of grammar, syntax, wording, content structure, depth of research, etc.

Will my paper be proofread?

The writer will always proofread the final version of the work before submitting it to you regardless of the type of service you chose - writing, editing & proofreading or presentation.

Will I get an "A" on my assignment?

As the final decision depends on your instructor (including your relationship with them, their awareness of your academic performance, writing style, etc), we cannot guarantee a specific grade. What we do guarantee is that we will properly complete the work in full compliance with the instructions you had provided.

I need a plagiarism report.

Please choose the "Originality Report" feature while ordering to receive the report along with your completed assignment.

I need my paper adjusted or redone.

We are sorry that the work you received does not meet your expectations. In this case, you may submit your paper for revision through the "Order Info" page on your account. The writer will make all the necessary changes to your order. Just make sure you do it within the 14 days from the moment you have received the completed paper. Your revision instructions must not contradict the original ones. You may also contact our support team, and they will work out a solution to your particular case.

I received comments from my professor.

We always try to cooperate with our customers for the best results. If you provide us with your professor's comments within 14 days from the moment your paper has been completed we may be able to help. These comments, however, must be reasonable and must not contradict your initial order instructions.

Tell me about your Quality Assurance department.

This department is responsible for monitoring the quality of the orders our writers deliver to the customers. Whenever there is a discord between a customer and a writer, it is the Quality Assurance Department specialists who verify if the order complies. As members of this department are highly-qualified experts in the majority of academic subjects, the case resolutions they offer are well-grounded and aimed at protecting the customer's right to a quality product.

I want to leave my feedback.

To leave your feedback, you may use the 5-star bar located either on the "My Orders" page under the particular order or on the "Order Info" page. We are continually improving our services; thus, your honest and explicit comment will be of great importance to us. The details you leave will help us learn your preferences and ensure your expectations are fully met the next time you need our help.

I want to submit a complaint.

If you don't feel satisfied regarding any aspect of our cooperation, please get in touch with us and share your thoughts. Although mistakes happen, we always do our best to resolve the issue fairly and to leave you completely satisfied with our services.

Pricing & Payment

Is your service free?

Our services are not free. We have a team of well-versed and erudite writers who do writing for a living. There is also a caring support department doing their best to ensure you have great experience with us. Not to mention marketing and site-related expenses. All these things and more require proper funding as you may assume. Nevertheless if you need any useful tips or ideas for your assignment, visit our Blog - it's free.

How do I pay?

After filling out the order form, just click on the "Express Checkout", fill in your payment details and confirm your payment. We will send you an email notification once the payment goes through. We accept major credit and debit cards for any type of service.

Do I pay upfront?

We work on an upfront full payment basis, meaning we need a 100% prepayment to start working on your order.

Why is it safe to pay upfront?

We are professionals who have been working on the market for over 9 years. We provide our services based on strict Terms and Policies that guarantee quality services for our customers. In rare cases, when we fail to fulfill our obligations, you can always rely on our Money Back Guarantee.

Are there any fees or additional charges?

We do not collect any fees on our side. However, your financial institution may charge you extra.

What do I get for free?

We would like to give you not just the completed assignment but a little something extra. Every time you make an order, we will add the title and reference pages to it absolutely for free. Moreover, should you need a table of contents in your paper, just mention it in the "Paper Details" field, and it will be included for free.

Tell me about your paid features.

For those of you who have rigorous and demanding professors, you can pay a little extra for these handy features:

  • Premium Writer: for only 30% extra, your assignment will be completed by one of the most qualified experts in the chosen field of study with a flawless track record.
  • Originality Report: you will receive the confirmation of your paper uniqueness along with your completed assignment. The option is available for only $19.99.
  • Preferred writer: having been previously satisfied with one of our experts, you may want to continue your fruitful cooperation with them. You may select multiple experts you have had success with.
  • Extra Quality Check: your assignment will be analyzed and proofread by another highly qualified expert from the same field of science. The view from a different perspective will ensure that your paper is remarkable!
  • 1-page Summary: you will be provided with a brief abstract of your work with the main details covered comprehensively which you can further use to quickly draw your audience’s attention to the ideas of your paper.
Is my payment secure?

We work exclusively with the trustworthy PCI DSS compliant payment processors. As a result, your payment details are 100% safe and secure.

Can I pay in parts?

Generally, we require full prepayment. In case you wish to pay in parts, please contact our support team for the best possible resolution.

I want a discount.

We have a specially designed loyalty program for our returning customers. Please visit the "Personal Discount" page located in "My Bonuses" on your profile to get more details. In case you're a new user to our website, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support representatives will share the detailed information on our discount policy with you.

How much will my order cost?

Several factors affect the price of your order:

  • Type of service: writing from scratch, editing & proofreading of your existing work or presentation.
  • Deadline: the urgency of your assignment. The shorter the deadline - the higher the price.
  • Number of pages: the volume of your assignment. Your final price will be proportional to the number of pages you need.
  • Additional features: will add to the order price.

Fill in the form, and the price for your order will be automatically calculated!

My order is too expensive.

You can always ask our support representatives to check your order details and advise whether any of them can be changed. For example, you may be able to give us a time extension as the more time the writer has to work on the order, the lower the price.

My payment didn't go through.

In case there is an issue with your payment, or you are not sure whether it went through, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We will quickly investigate and resolve any case.

What is the status of my payment?

Once the payment is received, you will get an email confirmation from us. Alternatively, you may also check the order status on the "My Orders" page on your account. If the status is "Paid" or "In progress", the payment has been received. If the status remains unpaid, please contact us for further assistance.

Order & Delivery

How do I place an order?

To order an assignment, simply click the "Order Now" button at the upper right corner of the page. You will be transferred to the Order Form where you should provide your requirements and specify the deadline of your order. After that, you can proceed with the payment using the "Express Checkout." Once the confirmation of the payment is received, the order placement is completed, and we begin working on it.

What is the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order on the "My Orders" page on your account. Alternatively, you may contact us anytime to receive the order updates.

My order is really urgent.

We could help you with the task anyway. You may choose as short a deadline as 3 or 6 hours, and still be sure that your assignment will be completed in time. Don't ask for a Doctoral Dissertation overnight, though.

How will my order be delivered?

Once your paper is completed, you will receive an email notification with the link to download the file from your dashboard on our website.

My subject is not listed.

You should choose "Other" in the subject dropdown menu while placing your order. Also, it would help if you mentioned your field of study or your course name in the "Paper Details" field.

My citation style (paper format) is not listed.

Select "Other" in the "Paper Format" dropdown menu in the order form. You can also indicate the paper format you'd like to be used in the "Paper Details" field or attach the required formatting guide as a file while placing your order.

When will you start working on my order?

It usually takes about 15 minutes for us to find a proper writer for your order. You will receive an email notification once our expert starts working on your paper. It may take more time to find a suitable writer, depending on the complexity of your assignment. However, we will keep you updated on the progress, and will timely contact you in case a deadline extension is required.

When will my order be delivered?

We are incredibly pedantic when it comes to the timely delivery of your order. In case we manage to complete your order sooner, you will be informed via email. If an extraordinary situation arises, and we happen to require some additional time, we will surely contact you to find out whether an extension is possible.

I made a mistake while placing an order.

Don't worry, we are here to help you! Please contact us right away to discuss the changes that should be made. Depending on the nature of adjustments and the deadline for your order, we may need an extra payment to fulfill your additional request.

I want to cancel my order.

In case you no longer want us to assist you with the assignment, please contact our support team immediately. They will ask the writer to stop working on your order and will estimate the possible percentage of the refund. This value will depend on the amount of work that your writer has already done.

My order is late.

If you did not receive your order within the indicated deadline or your assignment was delivered after it, you may become eligible for a refund. We kindly remind you that in case of a full refund we reserve the right to publish your paper on our website. This will make it appear non-original. Please get in touch with us for resolution.

Do you use "Turnitin"?

No, we don't. We use various plagiarism checking tools that scan through multiple databases to confirm the originality of papers before we send them over. All the papers we deliver are written from scratch and hence are void of plagiarism.

What are the "Editing & Proofreading" services?

We will thoroughly proofread the content of your work and correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Additionally, we may change or rewrite up to 30% of the original content, if necessary. In case your goal is to have more than 30% of the original content changed or rewritten, please select the "Writing" type of service while placing your order and attach your original file to it.

I need help with a specific (not typical) order.

We suggest you reach us out and let us know the details of your assignment so we could work out a suitable solution.

I need a table of contents for my order.

In case a table of content is to be included in your paper, please mention it in the "Paper Details" field while placing your order. You will not be charged extra.

I want to receive a draft of my paper beforehand.

In case you need a draft for your paper - indicate it in the paper details field. Provide as many requirements about your draft as you consider sufficient. Our support team can give you a comprehensive insight into the matter.

I need you to use a specific source.

Please mention this information in the "Paper Details". We will do our best to find the required source and will also look for its free versions available online. In case the free version is not available online, and you are willing to purchase the access to it, please do so and provide the login credentials via email at support@pro-academic-writers.com or live chat.

My order is to be done using specific materials.

If you'd like to pass some files for us to use while working on your assignment, please feel free to attach them using the "Attach Files" button while placing your order. You may also email the files to support@pro-academic-writers.com as well, and we will add them to the order.

I need help with my online assignment.

We can help you with your online assignment given it's not time-limited, and you can provide us with all the questions or instructions. Choose the "Assignment" type of paper while pacing your order and specify all the requirements in the "Paper Details" field. Please reach us out to securely pass your login credential to the online resource to our support team via email or live chat.

I need help with my multiple-choice test.

We may be able to assist. Please reach us out for further assistance.

I need a PowerPoint presentation.

Select the "Presentation" type of work and leave your instructions in the "Paper details" field while placing your order.

Customer Care

How can I get in touch with you?

You can reach us via live chat, email, or phone. You can also send us a message from your account page using the "Messages" section. More detailed information can be found on the Contact Us page.

What are your working hours?

We work for you 24/7. Feel free to contact us whenever it suits you.

I want you to call me back.

Please contact us via live chat by clicking on the "Chat with us" button in the lower right corner of the page or using our contact information page. Our friendly support staff will be glad to call you back once you provide your phone number.

How soon will my request be addressed?

We try to process incoming requests right away. Once you contact us either via live chat or phone, you may expect an immediate response from us. In case you contact us via email or the "Messages" section on your account, you may expect a response within 20 minutes.

Will you be calling me?

In case an urgent matter arises or we need to verify certain payment-related details, we might give you a call. You may choose to agree to receive calls from us at any time of the day by turning on the "Calls 24/7" feature on your profile. You can choose not to provide a phone number at all. However, this may slow down communication.

Will you be emailing me?

We will email you whenever there is an essential update on your order. We will also be sending you newsletters and promos, but you can choose not to receive them by turning this feature off from your personal account page.

Security & Confidentiality

What personal information do you collect?

The personal information we collect includes your first and last name, email, and phone number. You can manage your consent preferences by clicking on "Privacy settings" on your "Account preferences" page.

Do you need to know my real name?

We don't. You may choose to use a fake name or alias. We never disclose your personal information with any third parties. You can also choose to leave this field blank. Sometimes we need to verify the payer identity for security measures. These data will be used solely for internal purposes and will never be disclosed.

Why do you need my email?

Your email address is a core element of the personal information you share with us as it is required to create your account. Please make sure the email you provided is valid and accessible from your side. It is the primary avenue of our communication with you.

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number to reach you in case there's an urgent issue that requires your action. You may leave the "Phone" field on your account empty, however, in this case, the communication may be slowed down. We strongly recommend that you provide us with your valid phone number.

I want to remain anonymous.

The only essential piece of personal information we require is your email address. You may choose to provide any email address you have access to. Everything else is optional. However, we suggest you also provide us with your phone number in case there is an urgent matter that requires your attention.

Is my personal information safe with you?

We guarantee that your personal information cannot be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. You may find more details on this in our Privacy Policy.

Will anyone find out that I used your service?

No one will ever know you were here unless you tell them. However, we suggest you use a trusted device to access our website.

I want to delete my order.

You can always use the "Hide order" button located on the "Order Info" page to delete the information about the particular order. Once you press it, the order is no longer visible in the list of all your assignments and can only be found in the "Hidden" section. If, for some reason, you need your order permanently deleted, please reach us out.

I want to delete my account.

You can delete your account by clicking on the "Deactivate account" button on your dashboard settings page or by clicking on the "I want to delete my account" on the "Personal Profile" page located in your privacy settings. You can also contact our support team should you need any assistance. Please note that it will be impossible to restore any of your account information or files once your profile has been deleted. In such a case, should you wish to continue using our services, you will need to create a new account.

I forgot my password.

No worries, just click on the "Forgot password" button on the "Sign In" page located in the upper right corner. You will be redirected to the "Forgot your password" page where you can reset it. The newly created password will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can log in to your account using the magic link, which can be generated on the same page. This link will be emailed to you and will be valid for 12 hours.

Money-Back guarantee

I want a refund.

In case you are unsatisfied with the services provided, you may contact our support team with a refund request. Your extensive comments on the situation will help our Quality Assurance department to investigate the case thoroughly. Based on the analysis of the order information and your claim, a decision regarding the possible amount of refund will be made. The resolution may take up to 48 hours.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee that all our papers are unique and properly written according to your requirements. In case you have a proof of our failure to fulfill the obligation above, you may contact us with a refund request. You may also check our Money Back Guarantee for more information.

When will my payment be refunded?

After a refund claim is resolved, and you are informed about the possible amount of a refund, our Financial department will issue it within the next 24 hours. It usually takes up to 5 business days for the payment to be credited to your account. For further clarification, please contact your financial institution.

What if I submit a chargeback?

We strongly recommend you cooperate closely with us to resolve any quality-related issues. We do our best to find the resolution that takes both sides' best interests into account. In case a chargeback is submitted, we reserve the right to publish your order on our website. Any plagiarism software will point to our website as a source of content.