Top Preferred Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Top Preferred Argumentative Essay Topics for Students
An argumentative essay is a special type of essay which requires students to argue with the existing points of view in order to prove the truth of their own position. Usually, there are no 100% right or 100% wrong positions. The chosen argumentative essays topics should be yet contradictive and debatable.

To prove his or her own position, a student is encouraged to use various sources that are dated no more than five years. Otherwise, the information may be too old to use. It is especially crucial for various statistics and data for the certain period. The main goal of all argumentative topics is to convince the target audience in the authenticity of the author’s judgments.

To look more professional, argumentative topics should be supported by the arguments for and against. This way a student shows his awareness of the discussed field.

To decide which argument to include, students have to start with conducting an in-depth research. They should study all sides of the given issue. The final purpose of the paper is to make an educated stance. The evidence should include observations, studies, reports, statistics, articles, and other papers published by scientists or legal entities like the government. These primary sources are no doubt the most reliable sources of information for all argumentative topics.

The organization of the argumentative topics essay is rather complicated unlike an ethics essay. You may find it here. But it is still better to have a look at one of the online examples to survive with the highest possible grade.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics Wisely?

Argumentative paper on any subjects should inspire the audience to:
  1. Read the entire text
  2. Participate in the discussion or even make it
  3. To debate and argue
Thus, the ideas should be selected carefully. The first stage is usually the most important when speaking about argumentative essays. If you are not assigned a particular theme, you may go on searching for the inspiring topics on your own. It’s not that hard if you have an internet access or opportunity to visit libraries. Check out the newspapers and magazine archives to grab the best ideas for your argumentative piece. Look at their date!

A bad idea is to consider sensitive and biased topics like:
  1. nationality
  2. race
  3. gender
  4. social status
  5. relationships between two humans
  6. religion
  7. politics
The good idea is to talk about things that encourage people to argue with each other without turning them enemies. Try to avoid hostile topics in favor of less biased ones: music, laws, history, food preferences, books, etc.

Involve all your consideration and pick familiar topics for your argumentative essays. Choosing an emotional topic is a nice way out, but you should not do it if you are not an expert in the field. If you want a paper on the topic you are not sure about, contact online writing service to get proper help.

List of the Best Argumentative Topics

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics (Elementary & Middle School)

  • Should young students ask their parents to be allowed to purchase contraceptives?
  • Should people be encouraged to drink less with the help of special laws?
  • Should college education be made obligatory?

Middle-level Complexity (Argumentative Essay Topics for College)

Advanced-level Ideas for Argumentative Essay

Funny Ideas for Argumentative Paper

  • How to make money on joking videos on YouTube?
  • What is the worst motion picture ever?
  • Who is the best comedian actor and why?

Topics for Any Life Situation

  • Violent video games are not the main cause of Columbine High School massacre
  • Gender Studies was initiated by the feminist group and should not be studied to teenagers
  • Should people make abortions illegal?


  • How can activists ban the usage of wild animals for research purposes?
  • Cloning any living creatures must be forbidden

Computer Science/IT

  • Is Google staff right in increasing privacy and security?
  • Copyright violation: is there a way to withstand this problem?
  • Should YouTube comments be strictly monitored and deleted if needed?
  • The Internet today involves more risks than benefits.

Law and Political Science Argumentative Topics

  • Is gun control the best method to reduce criminal activity?
  • Should governments support same-sex marriages everywhere?
  • How should smoking and drinking in public places be punished?
  • The problem of too over-regulated community
  • Legalization of marijuana: pros and cons


  • The essence of cross-cultural marriages
  • Why women participate in criminal activity less than men
  • Remote learning is more efficient than the traditional classes
  • Violence in the media: its hidden dangers

Media Studies

  • Media impact on the teen’s development
  • The role of rock and metal music in the life of school students

Organization and Format of an Argumentative Paper

                                                                          Argumentative Essay Structure for Any Topics
Beginning paragraph  (introduction)                          
3-5 body paragraphs
Summary of the target topics, their role in society. End up with a thesis statement (the last one in the first paragraph)
List the arguments that support your main idea best of all. Students have to support each of them with up-to-date sources (evidence)
The support should be logical. Focus on proved facts, analytics, statistics, official data, etc.
The student must synthesize the information recalled in the body paragraphsю.

How to Use So-Called Connection Words Correctly

When you construct an argumentative essay, it does not really matter which topics you describe. To unite all body paragraphs with the introduction and conclusion, use transition words. Then all paragraphs and sentences will function as one whole.
Function Connection Word
Addition In addition; and; additionally; as well as; identically; along with; likewise; too; also; together with
Contrast Above all; different from; despite; although this may be true; on the contrary; in spite of; on the other hand; however; besides; but; otherwise; whereas
Cause or Target Because of; so long as; due to; given that; with this in mind; provided that; when; unless; in case; with this in mind
Examples or Evidence Truly; another key point; by all means; chiefly; for instance; especially; specifically; to point out; in other words
Outcomes Due to the fact that; accordingly; consequently; hence; as a result; in effect; in that case
Conclusion/Summary All things considered; to sum up; as can be seen; so summarize; after all; in the end

As you can see, writing an argumentative essay on most of the available topics is a time-consuming process which requires a lot of efforts and skills it is worth trying as you can gain unforgettable experience. Students should mind English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary usage when working on their drafts. Style is also crucial. Avoid plagiarism. Those are the main rules. If you still feel unsure about the particular writing task, you can download the good topics ideas or simply order an argumentative essay written from scratch by the amazing writers from this site.