Creative Writing College Programs: Top 12 List to Choose From

Creative Writing College Programs: Top 12 List to Choose From

It may be too difficult to choose a dedicated creative writing program or academic paper at the institution of your dreams. Another thing you should care about is how to pass the admissions process. Anyway, there are always some world-known alternatives that attract most of the students. Our team has researched several options in the field of creative writing colleges and corresponding programs to come up with this list of the top demanded colleges for creative writing in the USA.

How Did We Choose?

College rankings do not always reflect the reality. US News rating might be the most accurate, but you still have to rely on the obvious information you find about each creative college of your interest. We have prepared our own list based on the feedback of thousands of students as well as some other crucial factors. Mind not just what the rankings are, but how they are defined. Our top list will assist in your personal investigation.

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First of all, it is important to understand which criteria I have used to name the best colleges in the field of creative writing. My first stage was to narrow down my search results by leaving only those institutions that proposed a particular creative writing major degree. In case you are sure in the competence of some schools which are not on the list, it may mean they only offer minors. While ranking those schools, we considered 5 basic factors:

  1. MFA Ranking — This point stands for the level of local personnel proficiency and the number of smart students specific college attracts. We have looked through professors’ qualifications to choose the best places in terms of teaching. It was also noticed that colleges with powerful MFA programs tend to possess perfect alumni networks and internship options. At the same time, one has to realize that a lot of colleges with excellent undergraduate programs lack MFAs.
  2. Overall Creative College Reputation — You still have to understand that the majority of your future classes will be in other areas than creative writing. Thus, we have evaluated the level of teaching other subjects such as English and Literature as well.
  3. Extracurricular Opportunities — Another benefit of obtaining major in creative writing is that it can lead to various creative writing opportunities after class, meaning part-time job and other activities. That is why our team has taken into account such features as internship programs, author readings, and literary magazines offered by the explored college.
  4. Learning Diversity — We have awarded extra points to each creative college with a large range of professional fields and interesting additional classes. 
  5. Alumni/Prestige — We can say that deciding on this criterion is a rather subjective process, but we tried to do our best. We have searched for the famous writers released by the particular institutions. The product of any university is its graduates, so they have to be evaluated in order to assess the quality of local teaching. Possessing a brand name degree can be useful in many life situations.

Top Preferred Creative Writing Schools

Now it’s time to look at the list itself. It is not that easy to locate these wonderful creative colleges objectively, so we would say that it is simply the list of the best schools, not just another rating. While those placed on the first five places are simply amazing, the rest might be called super good. So, don’t take the numbering close to your heart. 

#1: Northwestern University

Northwestern's undergrad creative writing program has conquered the hearts of many students as it is run by acclaimed tutors and graduates who became word-known authors (i.e., Veronica Roth with her “Divergent”). The University suggests that students get involved in such activities as running literary journal, interning at a publication, or submitting to the Department of English's yearly creative writing competition. 

#2: Columbia University

The institution offers two great programs: the one in creative writing and the one in journalism. Being located in NYC, students have an opportunity to try their best in local publishing houses and literary journals.

#3: University of Iowa

University of Iowa's Graduate Writer’s Workshop is what makes this place absolutely special. It is called the most wanted MFA program in the US. Famous writers and established professors allow choosing from a large list of subjects. University’s literary community will provide you with any book or manual you need for free.

#4: Emory University

If you have a desire to study creative writing along with the most professional authors and scholars, Emory is right for you. Except for the regular classes, each student has a chance to visit questions-answers face-to-face sessions with the award-winning writers and journalists. You will be able to work closely with a personal counselor to complete an honors project.

#5: Oberlin College

Oberlin is actually a pretty small liberal arts school in Ohio. Lena Dunham, who attends the school regularly to speak to the students, was among the local alums. Students can pursue writing in the surrounding city.

#6: Hamilton College

One more tiny college, situated in upstate New York. Local students have a pure interest to observe topics both during the lectures and out of the classroom. The opportunities to intern and publish impress. 

#7: Brown University

Brown's Literary Arts program is known for one of the leading MFAs in the United States. Core requirements are excluded, so students are free to explore additional topics after classes with the help of the stellar English department and screenwriting program.

#8: Washington University in St. Louis

Enjoy local magnificent MFA program along with the diversity of topics, wide range of scholarships, and creative writing jobs you may find outside the university.

#9: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Even though the place has a lot to do with technology, it still has a special creative writing program. It can boast an interesting course in digital media. Besides, except for creative writing, students can master the art of scientific writing. It provides each student with an extraordinary set of skills and more career perspectives. 

#10: University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is one of the best American universities in general. It is obvious that it offers a top-notch MFA. The program is aimed to provide every interested student with the excellent creative writing major and good reputation.

#11: Johns Hopkins University

Remove engineering major from the list of this university, and you’ll get enrolled in the dedicated creative writing program. After passing its valuable courses, one will be able to compose poetry, fiction as well as official reports and persuasive essays.

#12: Colorado College

One more small liberal arts college on the list. It is outstanding thanks for the block plan, which makes it possible to concentrate on a single class per three-and-a-half-week block. You’ll take four writing workshops and visit every reading of the Visiting Writers Series.

Don’t forget about New York University writing opportunities as well!

How to Make a Final Decision? Don’t lose your head – have a look at the most important criteria to consider when selecting the degree and college which is right for you.

Are you interested in the suggested college courses?

Analyze which skills you wish to obtain and what each college program offers. Match your personal desires with what the target school proposes.

What opportunities are expecting after your classes?

Discover whether there will be an opportunity to practice your creative skills outside the college. It can be everything: from campus newspaper to local music or fashion magazine.

Who'll be teaching you?

The best way to decide on this factor is to analyze Rate My Professor section of each college’s official website. Pay attention to objective comments only.

What is the alumni’s future?

Find out who used to graduate from the walls of your target college. Are these people successful? 

What about the rest of the school?

Analyze and evaluate all courses provided by your college. Make sure to select the college where you like the entire curriculum so that you won’t have a desire to miss some classes.

All you have to do once you decide on your target college is to prepare a creative writing piece (personal statement + cover letter) and apply for the chosen program. In case there are any obstacles on your way to inspiring creative writing, contact online writers and buy original admissions essay or cover letter that would increase your chances to be accepted.