Writing Essay Guide: Basic Principles

Writing Essay Guide: Basic Principles

Since you become a high school student, you start receiving various writing homework assignments such as essays or research papers. Well, some teachers assign this sort of job in middle and even elementary school, but only high school, college, and university academic papers have strict requirements.

By learning how to write essay (like a cause and effect essay) step by step beginning with an introduction and ending up with the conclusion, one will have all chances to become a successful author or journalist one day. At least, successful completion of such tasks guarantees you high grades and in-depth knowledge of different subjects.

Besides, it is a good way to learn how to write and communicate your information to any audience.

Guide to Writing Any Type of Essay

Research process

We would like to begin with the very first step to success known as in-depth research. You may wonder, but it comes before the first paragraph called introduction or even before the cover page. Research, in fact, takes the most of your time. The point is to find related and up-to-date information which will be useful for your entire paper. The sources have to be no older than five years. Besides, a good research may provide you with an idea for your entire paper in case the topic is not assigned by your teacher. In addition, you may find a useful example of the essay when searching for relevant information.

You may use the sources you have found for your further projects. The main idea is to provide credible evidence such as statistics and facts and insert in-text citations when composing an essay. One more thing to persuade you of the importance of the task: a personal statement or scholarship essay is a great example of academic writing assignment that guarantees you a place in the best university or some financial rewards during your higher education. But even these basically reflective genres require in-depth research. E.g., the applicant has to look for a good example of a personal statement to know what they are expecting to read in Harvard or Stanford.

Choosing essay topic

It’s one of the most responsible steps so far. No example would help you. The name of your paper should be based on your original idea. You may take one of the most discussed topics in the modern world. You may write about the role of educational apps in the life of contemporary students, but stress your own point of view based on the facts that you have collected using one of the research techniques. Support your choice by pointing to the importance of the discussed issue and add some statistics to get higher credibility. Selecting essay topic is a huge responsibility. Use essay writing service to help you with both interesting idea and the rest of the process for fair prices.

Writing Process Itself

Essay introduction

The first paragraph of any academic paper is known as an introduction. The first sentence should catch the attention of your reader so that he or she will read the piece to the end. It’s not that easy as you think. First of all, the first paragraph should present the main idea of the entire essay so that the audience understands what the paper is definitely about. You may begin to write your essay with a brief but meaningful quotation. But it has to be related to the entire text. Also, you may support your introduction to statistics received from some credible sources.

Include a fact or a short story of why given topic was chosen. You must show that provided subject is important for many people, not just you care about it. If you want to find out the rest of the true writer’s features, you may read this article. The introduction should end up with so called thesis statement which has to be both persuasive and engaging. It must stimulate your audience to read the entire text paragraph by paragraph. In other words, it is better to conclude your introduction with a strong argument that will give the overall idea of further paper and conclusion. It may end up with the question, but when we speak about academic writing, one has to think about a strong argument to discuss.

Body paragraphs

There is one part which looks pretty much the similar in all sort of college tasks:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Book/movie reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Business plans
  • PowerPoint presentations

This part is called a body. The body of any essay consists of 3-5 paragraphs with strong arguments developed to support your main idea (thesis) mentioned in the introduction and repeated in conclusion. On the whole, the body part is usually the longest and most boring one, but you have to write even these paragraphs with love and passion to provide the best example of the excellent essay to your teacher and classmates. Student should follow:

  • writing style guidelines
  • generally accepted grammar & spelling
  • punctuation
  • English vocabulary
  • various online templates/samples

Only then his entire work will look engaging and interesting. Here are some other advice to use within your essay structure… Write the body paragraphs without making them too long. Many students make a huge mistake when they create a small introduction and conclusion by overwhelming body paragraphs. Your essay still should not be longer than 500-1500 words. In depends on the task and specific requirements of your tutor.

In fact, admission essay cannot be longer than 275-300 words as they are checking how concise you can be. Thus, it does not always matter only how you write or how great your idea is. You should write a body so that it might serve as a perfect example for future generations. Look at a good example as a key from time to time, but do not copy-paste a word! On the whole, follow the simple body outline:

  • Argument 1
  • Argument 2
  • Argument 3

With the support of each added in every last conclusion sentence. At last (and the rule suits all types of academic essays and research papers (except for the personal statements)), it is better to avoid the first person. Consider writing from the third person. In other words, do not use words like "we," "my," "your" or "our" in your essay.


The purpose of the whole essay is to come up with the nice conclusion which restates your thesis sentence and lists all arguments recalled throughout the text once again. Do not forget to include reference page just after your conclusion on a separate page.

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