Process Analysis Essay Writing:
Tips, Structure, Advice

Most of you are afraid of analysis essay and everything that comes with it. We must say that any writing process can be exciting, yes even academic papers writing. All you need to do is to be familiar with the topic and the entire format.


Let’s start of what the process analysis article, also called an expository essay, is. This is a writing process of paper that is aimed to explain the fact or action. Briefly speaking, it is about classic “How to” topic. All steps and stages of processing should be carefully sequenced in a list. It is a very common process, and if you have written an essay before, you have an advantage already.

  • Definition
  • Process analysis essay writing in stages
  • Process analysis essay tips
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Some writing advice

Process analysis essay writing in stages

So, let’s start with the structure and its developing. The main analysis process flows in few main directions. Like any other paper, this article has three main parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

It is not always necessary to start with the Introduction first. Lots of students and their tutors prefer to start the creative process from the Body paragraphs. Anyway, the introductory part should be the opener for the entire essay. It should contain a brief presentation of your topic. That is the reason some people do the Body paragraphs first. It gives them a clearer view on how to write their introduction more relevant.

Speaking about the process analysis essay, we must note that an author should also include a list of equipment and tools that are used in the process he is explaining in his essay. As like in argumentative essay resources are vital for this paper. Resources also should be on the list. This part makes an expository essay different from other academic paper types. If any equipment parts or tool are not available in your area, you should mention and explain it in your paper. Besides that, you should list all potential risks for the process if there are any. Just tell your reader what he or she should avoid while recreating the process you are explaining.

And here is the Body part. The entire process you are analyzing in your article should go absolutely accurately and in a sequential order. Some stages may require separate processes. For example, if you are talking about how to make pasta, you need to undertake such stages as sauce and presentation. And this point is very tricky. You need to separate all those processes correctly to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings between you and a reader.

Process analysis essay tips

Here are few words about what you should do in every part of your process essay:

  • Present your topic to the audience and tell briefly what the entire action all about is.
  • Tell about the relevance of the process you are describing.
  • Come up with your own experience example.
Body paragraphs
  • Divide your writing into few main paragraphs.
  • Get each step of your instruction in a different paragraph.
  • All transitions between steps should be slight and logical.
  • Try to make your presentation more descriptive.
  • Get your whole content summarized. Do not sequence all those steps once again. Just shoot the main points due to their relevancy.
  • Do the description of the ideal result.

Some writing advice

A process analysis or expository article is not a tough task to deal with. Of course, some technical instructions would be challenging for you if you are a philosophy student. But we are all familiar with that style, and you just need to keep it in your mind. Just set that specific explanatory tone to your audience, and your task will be perfect. Make your words sound neutral. Read few examples online or just grab an instruction for your mobile phone. No slang and briefings. Use that standard language we all know and don’t use with our friends.

If you still have any questions and difficulties with your process analysis essay, our company is 24/7 ready to help you out. Just calm down and let us know about your problems in our order form.