Research Paper Outline Example + Top Writing Tips

Research Paper Outline Example + Top Writing Tips
Table of Contents
  1. Research Paper Outline Example + Top Writing Tips
  2. Research Paper Outline Example You Should Follow
  3. Topic: COVID-19: Is It Just a Virus or Something Much More Dangerous?
  4. How to Write a Research Paper Outline: 5 Steps to Follow
  5. How to Format Your Research Paper Outline
  6. Language in Research Paper Outlines
  7. Conclusion

Have you been assigned to write a research paper? Don’t know where to get started? Don’t know hot to find research paper ideas? Research paper writing should be divided into steps if you want to create a valuable project. First of all, you should organize all the thoughts and information. The best way to do this is to write a research paper outline. Some students mistakenly think that it is a waste of time. Of course, you need to devote some time to outline writing. But it will help you save more time when writing your research paper. 

Create a clear outline, and you will see how many benefits you will enjoy. A high-quality outline makes it easy to understand the relations between all the ideas in the text. Due to the fact that research paper writing involves much analysis and literature review, it’s easy to miss an idea. Having a well-structured research paper outline example, you won’t forget anything important. If you understand that you lack the time catastrophically, you can always entrust outline writing to professional custom writers. But don’t skip the step of outline writing; otherwise, you risk failing when completing your academic paper. 

Research Paper Outline Example You Should Follow

If you check outlines on the web, you’ll see that some of them include all the details while others not. Which one should you write? It depends on whether your research paper supervisor has given any guidelines or not. If you don’t have any certain sample to follow, it is up to you to choose the outline format. Here is a research paper outline example you are recommended to check. It’s one of the best ways to create an outline for a research paper not to miss any valuable information. 

Topic: COVID-19: Is It Just a Virus or Something Much More Dangerous?

1. Introduction (An opening sentence to introduce the topic)

  • What is coronavirus?
  • How COVID differs from a seasonal virus?
  • Statistics of how many people all over the world were got infected with COVID-19

2. Symptoms of COVID-19

  • How can a person understand he/she got COVID-19?
  • How dangerous is the virus? (Include statistics of fatal cases)
  • How can you get infected?

3. Ways to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

  • Isolation and its effect on people’s mental health.
  • Is it possible to create a vaccine that will protect from the virus for 100%?
  • What countries have taken the most effective preventive measures?

4. Conclusion

  • A brief summary of the virus effects on different groups of people.
  • Current statistics and forecast for the nearest future.
  • Verdict based on the information from credible sources.

How to Write a Research Paper Outline: 5 Steps to Follow

Divide the process of writing into steps offered below: 

  • Brainstorm ideas on what to write a research paper about;
  • Make a list of the coolest research ideas (up to 10) and choose the best one among them;
  • Define what ideas will be most interesting and useful for your target audience;
  • Write a heading for each sub-point;
  • Choose what format you will use for your research project outline.

How to Format Your Research Paper Outline

There is more than one possible way how you can format your outline. Here are the 3 most popular types of outlines to choose from. Each of these types has distinctive features and peculiarities. Learn more about them to choose the best one for your outline.

  1. An alphanumeric. The main difference here is that you can omit full sentences and write the outline in the form of short notes. Each paragraph should include a sub-point system. You can write a sub-point in the form of a question or statement. Most students give preference to this type to present their thoughts.
  2. Full-sentence. As you can guess from the name, here you need to write full sentences compared to the above-mentioned outline type.
  3. Decimal. This one has similarities with the 1st type as it also consists of notes. However, there is one feature that makes these types different. You need to write 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. when giving new points.

Language in Research Paper Outlines

Will your research paper be evaluated by the demanding college professor? Then, you should be very careful when writing it. The language you use when sharing your thoughts and ideas plays an important role in the evaluation of the paper. You should avoid general phrases and be more specific and provide an argument for each idea. Mention only those points and sub-points that add value to the subject of your research. Provide information in a well-organized format that is easy to understand. 

Do you find it difficult to structure paragraphs and outline key points? Competent writers will be glad to provide you with a good research paper outline example.


Research paper outline writing isn’t as easy as ABC. But if you divide your job into steps and follow the tips, you will achieve the goal successfully. A top-quality outline will make a great contribution to research paper writing. Create it on your own, keeping in mind the research paper outline example at the beginning. If you lack either time or skills, get expert assistance online, and cope with the task effectively.