A+ Grade Article Review - How to Write It

A+ Grade Article Review - How to Write It

Article review writing is a challenging task like a writing paper. It requires the author to have a deep understanding of the article topic, to be able to search and analyze information, to critically summarize the material from different sources. You are to take into account importance and novelty of data and to discuss complex and voluminous topics in easy words. Practice is needed here. You can check an article review example to understand the format of article review writing.

Article Review Example

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What to Start with?

Before writing any article review, you need to understand what kind of article it is, its background, what functions it performs; what actually it is needed for. Get to know the main concepts. Having answers to above questions, you will be able to write an in-depth and fine-grained article review with no problems.

Any article review should perform following functions.

  • Outline the main content of an article, determine the relevance of the article, and decide whether to refer to the full text of the article;
  • Discuss the importance of the article topic supported by other relevant information and data.

An article review should include a description of the topic, main points discussed in the article, the purpose of writing, conclusions made by the writer. In the article review, you are to indicate what’s new has been stated/ revealed there. Related topics should be mentioned as well.

To ease reading, divide your article review into several sections – each having a separate header/ sub-header. What’s more, when writing an article review, remember that its content should be objective. It is necessary to thoroughly study the article and other relevant literature, i.e. write a literature review to write an excellent paper.

How to do it? Here are some of our recommendations:

  • First, after reading the original article, think on the structure of your article review. Having decided on the main structure of your writing, it will be easier to understand what each section will be about.
  • Highlight important points of the article and write them down in a separate document. You will later use this information when writing an article review.
  • When reading the material, try to find contradictions in the article. You can further use this information. Make your article review more interesting and deep.
  • Think about whether enough information is provided in an article so that you can write a review. If something is not clear in the article, do research.

Key Points of Article Review Writing

After reading the original article, you need to analyze information present there. Think if you have learned anything new and if information contradicts concepts you were already aware of. At the same time, you need to think how data can be perceived by a reader. Make sure it is fresh, actual, interesting.

In general, to write an article review, you need to clearly understand what it is about. Write down key points that answer questions:

  1. What are goals set by the article?
  2. What is practical novelty of material discussed in the article?
  3. Is the conceptual line clear?
  4. Are highlighted facts important; do they make sense?
  5. Does the article fully cover the topic; are there any blank areas?
  6. How clear is the text written?

If you have no experience in mastering article reviews, we advise you to review an article review example and understand key format, style, and language nuances.

Writing a Review – Step-by-Step Guide

Obviously, writing a review of an article is a difficult-to-accomplish mission. It requires a lot of time and efforts. It is a way easier to split a work into several stages and cope with each separately when you have time and inspiration. This approach has proven to be effective for many students.

Step 1 – Write the Name

The first thing that needs to be noted in the review is a full title of the article/data about its author – his position/name.

Step 2 – Write Summary

Do not forget to briefly discuss the problem discussed in the article. Write a few words about the relevance of the article topic. Demonstrate its impact on the audience as well as the novelty brought out by the writer.

Step 3 – Evaluate Actuality

No matter what field you cover in your paper, it is extremely important to evaluate and indicate the degree of relevance of the article, on what it is based. We advise you to tell the reader how he can benefit from reading your article review as well as the text of the original article. The evaluation process is the most important one. The success of the entire work is dependent on how a student has managed to analyze the issue.

Step 4 – Do Not Forget about the Main

Be sure to indicate in the article review main aspects that the author offers to the readers. Make sure to discuss main points, evaluate their importance and contribution to the development of the article topic.

Step 5 – Write Recommendations

While writing a paper, remember that there must necessarily be a recommendation from a reviewer. Use relevant material. In easy words, you are to provide your general impression of the article in the context of other literature on a given topic.

Step 6 – Index Authority

In the review, it is necessary to indicate data on the reviewer himself. You are to indicate your full name, place of work/ study, signature.

Step 7 – Check Other Reviews

There are probably many other reviews discussing the same topic and article. We recommend you to check them; thus, you will know how other writers evaluate/ understand the article. What main points they have paid attention to. At the same time, you will be able to see mistakes that some writers make and avoid making them in your own work.

Key Elements of a Review

Like any piece of writing, an article review is to consist of the introduction, body, conclusion. Each structural element is to perform a specific role and cannot be mixed.

Click here to read about the use of transition words and phrases to make all parts of your writing smoothly and logically connected.


The intro part should provide general information about the topic discussed in the article. It should evaluate if the information is actual/ acute. Here you can share your general impressions about the article and its value to the reader; introduction is a good place to have a thesis statement. You can briefly state the main idea of your writing here. Although it is a highly informative part of the article review, an introduction should be no more than 20% of the whole paper.


The body is a brief description of positive aspects and shortcomings of the journal article. It should identify the central idea of the study and recall achievement of its purpose. In the body of the paper, you need to write basic thoughts and opinions the writer has stated in the text of the original article. Highlight the main critique points of the article in the paper. Support them with facts from research you have done yourself. We advise you to use several information sources and compare information found.

It is not a good idea to use citations from the original text. It is better to analyze each statement and share your ideas instead of plagiarizing the text of the article you are reviewing. Are there any important points in the article; do not know what to start with? The best approach would be to highlight the most important argument first; however, you should never forget to mention other critical arguments.


A conclusion is the most important element of your writing. It is the very last part a person reads in your paper. Therefore, it is extremely important to make it sound effective. At the end of your writing, provide an overview of main parameters summarizing positive aspects described in articles.

Here you can confirm the value of information with facts from other sources. That is, in the concluding part, you can make an emphasis on how information is useful to you and how a reader can benefit from reading it. Ensure the conclusion is maximum informative and short. It should be no more than 10% of the entire paper.

How to Assure Success of Your Writing?

Once your paper is ready, reread it again. It is necessary to eliminate mistakes and typos in your paper. By proofreading a text, you can check whether necessary information has been fully covered in it. We recommend you to pay attention to the conclusion. One thing if you write something wrong in the intro or body; another thing when the concluding part misses some important points.

Typical Errors in Article Review Writing

Article review writing is an extremely challenging task. No surprise that students usually make many mistakes. Some of them are listed below for you to avoid them in your essay.

  • Retelling contents of the article instead of analyzing and interpreting it;
  • Writing a comment instead of reviewing an article;
  • Lack of reasoning;
  • Being too original instead of analyzing data from the article;
  • Unclear position of the review writer;
  • The article review overload with secondary details (in particular, with biographical/ historical information that do not become reference points of article analysis);
  • Illiterate or formal use of concepts of literary theory, literary terms.

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Easy Review Writing

Writing a review is a problematic procedure. The thing is that clearly formulating your opinion on research and expressing it in several pages is difficult not only for undergraduate or postgraduate students. You can ease the process if you follow a certain plan and write a paper step by step, according to criteria.

If you do not have experience in writing article reviews, it is not a problem. There are many professional online services that can help you cope with the matter. You can place an order on writing an academic article/ movie review from scratch, preparing an outline, or finalizing your draft. Students now have a chance to order an academic assignment from real writing gurus and receive a masterfully crafted paper to their email.