How to Use Google Apps for Education: Top 20 Tips

How to Use Google Apps for Education: Top 20 Tips

Google makes wonders with all aspects of our life. Its apps are very useful when we talk about education, both middle and higher - like write an essay etc. Parents should not get at their children immediately when they find out that there are a lot of downloaded applications on their favourite devices. Many smart students use Google apps to complete educational tasks:

  • To learn more on a given subject
  • Get more ideas for upcoming class or essay
  • Impress their teachers
  • Get free help with the essay
  • Watch an educating video
  • Find and use relevant resources

Google Apps to Increase Academic Performance

After all, education apps are helpful for in-class education. Apple rewarded education system with the plenty of the best tools, but Big G apps are just as good. The main search engine in the world releases new products on a regular basis. Moreover, different upgrades with the fixed bugs become available within the most popular education apps. Such collaboration tools are nothing else than a part of the Google Apps Education suite. The installation process is very simple. Many students have already tried various offers like custom software called Google Classroom to succeed. And it worked! Teachers should master new technology to keep in trend. Going Google means creating a friendlier, informative academic atmosphere. No matter how far you are, it is possible to connect to your school computers and download any assignment or lecture that you want. We will cover the benefits of Big G apps developed to make education easier from the aspect of teachers.

How to Use Resources Properly to Achieve Better Results in Education?

  1. Create files in Google Doc in the shape of your lecture plan. You may share it with your peers.
  2. Add notes and drafts on the upcoming school events or student meeting in the same place and share it with everyone invited or interested in the event.
  3. It is better to translate all files saved on the drive to keep in touch with the non-English speaking students if you have such friends. It would show your respect and care.
  4. Open revision history in Google Docs whenever there is a need to review some previous lectures.
  5. Video chat might be useful when you decide to invite a professional or another student just like you to share valuable education-related information.
  6. Forms in Docs are very convenient when taking tests and quizzes to check your knowledge and skills. Some apps are also designed especially to meet such requirements.
  7. Develop a parent volunteer survey. This is the best approach to gathering and analyzing personal information on the families of your peers to find out whether they are satisfied with the existing educational system. You might need those contacts in the future.
  8. Post a special spreadsheet with schedules and free places availability to let your classmates know about all upcoming events like Prom Night. You may also send notifications via special Google apps.
  9. Share a grade-level folder with your friends so that these docs can be edited or fulfilled by them too in case you’ve missed something during the lecture. It will save a plenty of time on your education-related goals.
  10. Creating a website with inserted docs, schedules, forms, and tools is a must to get the best of educational process promptly and successfully.
  11. Post class activity or homework assignments to the single Google Drive.
  12. Gmail calendar is effective while creating various in-class assignments if you work in team and keep information divided into separate lists.
  13. By turning on inserted mail translation, every message would be automatically translated into any language.
  14. Keep updated about your personal progress in education by using a corresponding website in Google Sites.
  15. Spreadsheets are useful to track academic process as well. There are apps to speed up the process.
  16. Gather teacher observations in a separate sheet to use these data for better performance.
  17. Google resource calendar is another helpful option.
  18. Download and use student-driven vocabulary to enrich your professional and academic language. You may use special apps dedicated to English learning as well.
  19. Gmail translation tools will also help to find pen pals in other countries to improve education achievements.
  20. Google calendar and some apps are just the right place for long-term and short-term planning of your educational process.

Top tools for education are just as effective for teachers and other professionals as essay writing services are for students. We believe that teachers should not be too strict with those who use such services. After all, students also need help with education sometimes. You can get it right here if you have some writing assignments to do urgently!