Social Media Essay How-to: The Definitive Guide + FREE Samples

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Social Media Essay How-to: The Definitive Guide + FREE Samples
Table of Contents
  1. Social Media Essay How-to: The Definitive Guide + FREE Samples
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
  3. Advantages of social networks / media
  4. Disadvantages of social networks / media
  5. How to choose social media essay topics?
  6. 10 examples of social media essay titles
  7. Recommended topic 1 – “Negative effects of social media essay”
  8. Recommended topic 2 – “Pros and cons of social media essay”
  9. One final tip you might find useful
  10. Persuasive essay about social media - Free example
  11. Introduction
  12. Social media negative aspects
  13. Conclusion
  14. Social media argumentative essay - Free example
  15. Introduction
  16. Social media pros
  17. Social media cons
  18. Conclusion

A social media essay is one of the most existing types of compositions to write. Modern students as well as young people in general are all into networking and establishing new contacts. Students usually get in touch with other people online, communicate with peers, interact with brands, as well as looking up dates and sharing opinions in general.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the driving force of the internet. Social media are also important because students can make new friends and even enter into a relationship on the web and later on - in real life. A modern student uses social media to absorb information and make a positive impact in the world they live in.

But writing a strong persuasive essay about social media isn’t as easy as twitting or writing a Facebook post. Great bloggers, students still need help with academic writing. And although a topic might be close to them and actually interesting to research, some guidance would be most appreciated. With that, we’ll be glad to help you.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Before going deep into picking a definite topic - consider, what are the general benefits and drawbacks of social networks!

Social media enables users to connect with others and create a community unlike a descriptive essay. It’s more about building relationships than simply announcing or posting and not engaging with others. It is undeniably changing the way one communicates. There are many different social networking sites for a different purpose, for example, Linkedin is a social network for professionals, while Snapchat is a social network mostly for teenagers. There are also many drawbacks and benefits of social media.

Here are some of the main pros and cons that most people are familiar with:

Advantages of social networks / media

  1. Global connectivity. One of the primary goals of any social networking site, networking is a primary feature any social media platform has to offer to consider the platform as a social networking site. One of the most important and noteworthy advantages of social networking sites is that it enables everyone to connect no matter which country they belong to.
  2. Virtual groups. It is one of the big pluses. Groups, of any kind, allow you to exchange impressions and / or resolve existing doubts. In part, they have replaced Internet forums.
  3. Instant messaging. Not long ago people had only two means of communication: physical letter or cable telephone, which did not always offer a good service. Thanks to the social media chats we can communicate with who we want in real time.
  4. Advertising and Skills exchange. Info jobs, Job talent or LinkedIn are the most used portals to find work. The current difficulties in seeking employment have turned these social networks into genuine showcases to publicize our professional skills. Learning languages, teaching a trade in exchange for another or sharing hobbies is another feature that has allowed a new way of socially relating.
  5. Project a business. Companies can contact potential customers, potential candidates or give greater visibility to the product, which they offer in a more efficient way.

Disadvantages of social networks / media

  1. Privacy problems. Sharing your online location or getting in trouble at work because of tweeting something inappropriate or sharing too much with the public can cause you some issues that sometimes can’t ever be solved.
  2. It changes lifestyle habits, and it is sleep disruption. Since using a social network is all done on some computers or mobile devices, it can sometimes motivate too much sitting down in one place for too long. Staring into the light from a computer or phone screen at night can negatively affect your ability to get a proper night sleep.
  3. Addiction. The compulsive behaviour developed due to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc leads to negative effects. Social networking addicts constantly check Social Media Feed or checks out people’s profiles for hours and hours. The compulsion to use social media can make one social media addict. Researchers at Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and alcohol.
  4. Lacks emotional connection. The quality of a conversation when using social media is unpleasant because you cannot sense the emotion or interest from the other person. It makes you wonder if they mean what they say.
  5. Frauds & Scams. This is yet another challenge for social media companies. There are billions of fake accounts on various social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook removes more than 3 billion fake accounts in six months and Five percent of Facebook’s monthly active users are fake, the company said.
  6. Hacking. Most of the users of social networking sites are not fully aware of the security measures they need to take care of while using social media platforms. People share thoughts, personal experience, photos, etc on social media sites. Such information can be helpful for hackers to hack your accounts in social media, emails or even your phone.

How to choose social media essay topics?

Writing an essay on social media usually starts with brainstorming an engaging topic. The scope of ideas may be quite large – from your personal opinion on popular networks in general to specific tools and instruments used in working with a specific platform such as LinkedIn, for example. You may also describe how technology helps distant relatives communicate with family members living overseas.

What is the best place to draw inspiration from when thinking of an essay topic? Start from what’s trending on social media today and then broaden the scope of social media essay titles to more business-oriented topics, for example. You may also want to focus on digital trends which impact social media in particular. Check out what generates the greatest buzz on the internet and pick good topics for your composition fast. Here’re a couple of tips on how to synthesize ideas into a brilliant topic.

  • Consult 3-5 sources before you think of the final variant.
  • Check out what internet influencers think about your topic and whether you could cite them.
  • Be personally interested in writing a paper on a chosen topic.
  • Avoid exploring into topics you find drab, boring, or confusing.
  • Get at least 2-3 backup variants to write about in case the main topic falls off in the process.
  • Consult your tutor asking if they’ll be looking forward to knowing more about your topic.
  • Get to know what your peers will be writing about and then try fetching a unique topic which could stand out.

Now let us share a couple of topic examples to kickstart your creativity.

10 examples of social media essay titles

  1. Negative effects of social media on the youth
  2. Pros and cons of social media in the United States
  3. 5 best social media influencers who were shaping the public opinion in 2018
  4. My first experience going live on Facebook/Instagram
  5. Why do I want to become a Social Media Manager after graduation?
  6. 5 things we’ve learned from Facebook’s GDPR fail
  7. Importance of social media in Education
  8. Why students and professors should interact more on Facebook
  9. Top list of jobs that appeared thanks to the social media boom
  10. The secrets of going viral on a popular social network (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

Recommended topic 1 – “Negative effects of social media essay”

It’s always a great idea to consult an essay writing sample prior to starting on your composition. We’ve picked the first two titles from the list above because they’re perhaps the easiest topics and won’t take too long to write. On the other hand, these topics raise some pretty vibrant ideas so a tutor will definitely like to know your opinion about the two subjects we’ve picked.

Writing a persuasive essay about social media, you should collect a strong body of evidence against communication via social networks, spending too much time online, and how the society tends to connect more on Facebook rather than in person. Violation of personal privacy and intrusion in our lives to gather metrics relevant to advertisers is another topic worth exploring. You can also focus on the idea of fake internet news, false promises, and annoying advertising. Let us show you how to write a persuasive essay on the underside of social media. (see the free sample after "Our final tip" block)

Recommended topic 2 – “Pros and cons of social media essay”

The second topic we’ve chosen to write a sample is an argumentative essay on social media. Here the goal is to highlight both pros and cons of the subject, not just one of its aspects. You’ll have to analyze both sides of the dispute and make an impartial decision.

Besides the negative aspects, we can speak sharing information freely, connecting with distant relatives or people you don’t know, making friends, making a change in the world, or even getting a job. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three most powerful instruments to do the above mentioned and it’s definitely worth noting these facts out in your essay. (see the free sample after "Our final tip" block)

One final tip you might find useful

Sometimes writing a social media argumentative essay or a pros and cons composition on a topic isn’t possible due to certain reasons. Problems in personal life. Fatigue. Writer’s block. That awesome party you’ve been invited to, you name it! In this case, it’s easier to delegate your essay to In addition to saving your free time, we’ll help do an essay that will score 60% and above. Visit the order page now, fill out the suggested form fields and a professional academic writer will do your assignment from scratch.

Persuasive essay about social media - Free example


“Social media give access to all kinds of information. It’s easy to fall in love on Instagram, connect with a brand on Facebook, or discuss the colonization of Mars with Elon Musk on Twitter. But with great powers come great responsibilities and even greater consequences. Social media can be dangerous, misleading, and even harmful. Some individuals are too prone to the influence of others and thus can easily be scammed into spending money on goods they don’t need or having overly-exaggerated life expectations because of how celebrities “live” on Instagram. Entities with malevolent intents can manipulate the public opinion in an entire country and thus rig the results of elections. Said entities can overuse the ability to gather, collect, and share personal information with interested third parties bypassing existing regulations that still have too many holes in them. That being said, social media are a blessing to some of us and a curse to others. All in all, I would like to highlight five negative aspects of social media.”   

Social media negative aspects

“Cyberbullying. It takes only a couple of clicks to post a Facebook comment or a blog article that can be offensive to a colleague, college peer, neighbor, etc. In the US, every fifth individual has experienced cyberbullying in high school, college, or even at work. Most cyberbullies act anonymously so many people are forced to continue being objects of cyberbullying until the situation goes south.”  

“Scam. Financial pyramids, scam sites with fake offers, internet pages infected with viruses or crypto-currency mining malware are all a part of the social media info space. Unsuspecting users deal with significant threats to their privacy and financial welfare even while reading blog posts at a trusted site or buying goods from a trusted service.”  

“Addictions. Online casinos and dating websites are very addictive. Even mobile games use certain shady tactics to lure a user to spend money on things they actually don’t need. Although it results in multi-million revenues for publishers, using other people’s gambling or money-spending addictions is dishonest.”  

“Health problems. Studies have shown a negative impact of social media on a child’s brain. Moreover, social media can cause certain physical and mental health issues. People with mental conditions are especially prone to social media’s negative sides.”

“Toxicity. There’s no legal punishment for spreading hate on the internet. There are thousands of closed groups on Facebook spreading racism, sexism, and intolerance to sexual minorities. Many people new to social media can easily be manipulated to joining such groups and lead to spreading hate further on.”


“For years social media have been giving almost free access to almost any information and there would be almost no penalty for using this information. Daily online interaction is also full of fraud, scam, and shady individuals of all sorts. One must approach social media with caution and a cool head on one’s shoulders.”

Social media argumentative essay - Free example


“I’ve been using the internet since early childhood. Social media platforms have become an inalienable part of my online experience since Facebook became a service everyone can use freely. As an experienced internet user, I can point out that social networks have positive and negative impacts alike. I would like to start with pros.”

Social media pros

“The benefits obtained from using social networks are the following:

  1. Grant instant access to information for free.
  2. Can be used to foster communication between people from all over the world.
  3. Help increase awareness regarding social, economic, and health problems globally.
  4. Give quick access to information you might need for research or entertainment.
  5. Social networks and the internet are powerful news media if used properly.
  6. Provide numerous employment opportunities worldwide.
  7. It’s easy to make new friends or enter into a romantic relationship.

I would also like to highlight the social media cons which I find quite major.”

Social media cons

“In my opinion, the negative aspects of the internet and social media are the following:

  1. Scam from shady individuals spreading hate on the web.
  2. Common fraud and cyber-crimes.
  3. Cyberbullying and different forms of toxicity.
  4. Lack of real privacy, uncovered intrusion in personal life.
  5. Annoying advertising and false promises from product owners.
  6. All kinds of internet addictions.
  7. Ill-intentioned influence on the public opinion.”


“As you can see, my lists of pros and cons contain seven points each. I’ve done it on purpose to demonstrate that the powers and hazards of social media are on level terms. So if one seeks to unlock the full power of the internet, the person should by any means learn to deal with the negative side first.”