Best Medical Schools in the US – 2018 Review

Best Medical Schools in the US – 2018 Review
Table of Contents
  1. Best Medical Schools in the US – 2018 Review
  2. Harvard Medical School
  3. Stanford University School of Medicine
  4. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  5. Medical School of the University of California, San Francisco
  6. Perelman Medical School
  7. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  8. Saint Louis University, Washington
  9. University of Utah
  10. How Long Is Medical School Education?
  11. Best Medical Schools – Entering Requirements
  12. Least Competitive Medical Schools
  13. Final Say!

Medical education is among the most popular and prestigious areas in the United States. Medical professions are in the top rankings of the most paid specialties; training takes a long time and requires serious preliminary efforts and large investments. The standards of American medicine are recognized around the world.

No surprise that many people in the USA dream to become a medical worker and become a part of the US medical sector. Do you want to engage in medicine; aim at graduating from the best medical schools? Do you want to know how to write an essay in medical schools? Click to read a review of the best medical schools in the US 2018, Chapel Hill and Ann Arbor, and all the nuances of studying in the United States.

Harvard Medical School

Average cost of the year of study: $ 55'850

It is among the best medical schools in the US 2018; over 19% of all medical workers in the country study here. It is known to produce qualified specialists that are in demand on the market. Being one of the most famed medical schools in the state, Harvard has quite tough entry requirements. The MCAT result should be no lower than 37 out of 45 points; GPA score should be about 3.93 out of 4 points, no less.

Stanford University School of Medicine

Average cost of the year of study: $ 52'491

Stanford Medical School is the 2nd largest school in the nation. It has over 460 students, which is less than 12% of all medical workers in the country. The university is known for a solid knowledge base provided to those studying and proficient faculty. Entry requirements in Stanford University School of Medicine are high. One should have MCAT score no lower than 37 and a GPA grade of about 3.85. No surprise that far from everyone enrolls at a school.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Average cost of the year of study: $ 48'750

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is another top place for people acquiring education in the north of the country. Over 480 students graduate from the Hopkins School of Medicine yearly, which is over 13% in the whole country. This number is impressive. The school is one of top-rated due to the education level and conditions provided to the students. Those studying at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are practicing in one of the country's best hospitals. Entry requirements here are tough. MCAT is 36 and more; GPA is no less than 3.91 points.

Medical School of the University of California, San Francisco

Average cost of the year of study: $ 44'996

Medical School of the University of California (San Francisco) is another prestigious place for students. It poses less strict requirements to entrants and provides a solid knowledge base to students.  Entry requirements set by the school are the following. The MCAT is not lower than 36, GPA is 3.85 and higher. Over 650 students enter the medical school of the University of California, which is about 15% of all medical staff in the United States. This high amount can be explained by a well-weighted balance between the education quality and fee.


Perelman Medical School

Average cost of the year of study: $ 52'210

The Perelman school is a separate part of the University of Pennsylvania. Approximately 653 students yearly graduate from Perelman Medical School. It is about 19% of all medical workers in the US. The entrant must provide MCAT results no lower than 38 and GPA of around 3.88 to enter the school.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Average cost of the year of study: $ 25'000

IUPUI was formed due to the merge of two leading Indiana universities and today trains over 30,000 students. A distinctive feature of the university is an extensive number of educational programs, which are offered on the basis of seventeen schools, and extensive scholarship opportunities.

Among the taught disciplines are the School of Health, the School of Dentistry, and Rehabilitation, the School of Medicine, and the Nursing School. IUPUI is in the rating of the best universities with the best teaching at the bachelor's level. The university's programs in nursing are in the Top 25 US courses in this area.

On the basis of the university schools, you can get specialization in almost any medical discipline, whether Anesthesia, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Psychiatry, Urology, Gynecology, Surgery and much more. Students get full access to practical studies as well as research activities. In total, IUPUI attracts more than $ 336 million of investment for research, grants, and awards.

Saint Louis University, Washington

Average cost of the year of study: $ 20'000

St. Louis University (Washington) is a medium-sized school that trains 13,000 people. It has two campuses, in the US Missouri and Spanish Madrid. For almost 200 years, this university offers students a large selection of training courses, comprehensive support, and accommodation in an equipped campus.

The University includes the Educational Dental Center, the Center for Ethics and Health, the College of Medical Sciences, the School of Medicine, and the Nursing School. Here, you can study Endocrinology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Surgery, Plastic Surgery,  Neurology, and much more. In the course of training, it is necessary to undergo clinical practice and engage in research.

University of Utah

Average cost of the year of study is $ 22'500

The University of Utah is a major university in Salt Lake City that trains around 30,000 people. The school belongs to the most famous universities of the world and is famous for its quality teaching, various scholarship programs, organization of active leisure for students, and placement of students in a modern campus.

The university's medical school educated most practicing doctors of Utah, and its graduates work throughout America and around the world. The school offers a variety of programs in different fields of medicine and health. It conducts research in genetics, cancer treatment, biomedicine, and modern technical medical developments.

Popular specializations include Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Oncology, Pediatrics, Biochemistry, Dermatology, etc. The school boasts a College of Health and a Nursing College, on the basis of which you can get professional qualifications.

Medical education

How Long Is Medical School Education?

Wondering how long is medical school in the USA? Acquiring medical education in the country takes about eleven-sixteen years. One has to study in an undergraduate school for four years; the next four years are in a direct school, and about eight years are to acquire the secondary specialization in a particular field. It is important to obtain all the necessary licenses and undergo constant professional development to comply with all legal regulations and news in the country.

The process of obtaining a doctor's qualification in the US is as follows:

  • Baccalaureate with a bias in biology and chemistry – 4 years.
  • The preparatory program (pre-med) is an optional step.
  • Passing the MCAT exam.
  • Medical school (English Medical school) – 4 years (theoretical training - 2 years and clinical practice - 2 years).
  • Residency – from 3 to 8 years (specialization matters). The shortest programs are for family medicine; the longest ones are for neurosurgery. Residency for general surgery takes 5 years.
  • Specialized practice – takes 1-2 years and often includes elements of research work. The student has time to practice together with training in residency. It is an indispensable condition for a number of medical specialties.
  • Professional certification, which includes exams for the chosen specialization.

Best Medical Schools – Entering Requirements

In the higher medical school, the US student spends four years. First 24 months pass in the school classrooms and are exclusively theatrical. Apart from the theoretical part, students are supposed to be involved in practical classes on Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Medical Care, etc. Clinical practice is scheduled to begin in the third year of training. The fourth year takes place in the hospital in one of the departments of Surgery, Therapy, Pediatrics, etc.

Duration of residency differs depending on the specialty. By the end of the training, the graduate receives general education in the specialties Surgery, Therapy, Gynecology, etc.

  • First Aid – 3-4 years
  • Family practice – 3 years
  • Pediatrics – 3 years
  • Gynecology – 4 years
  • Psychiatry – 4 years
  • General surgery – 5 years
  • Specialized surgery, plastic surgery – 5-6 years (depending on specialization)
  • Urology – 5 years

At the end of the residency, each student has the opportunity to take an exam in the specialty data (Board certification). The successful passing of such an examination provides one with certification by the American Association of Physicians in the chosen specialty. It is not necessary to take this exam; almost everyone is handed over to it. The availability of the certificate increases the prestige and helps in the further employment.

Least Competitive Medical Schools

On admission, those residing in the state are in preference; after graduation, they will be able to work on site. They even get a “place” in a hospital reserved for them. The high score got in high school and during the study in baccalaureate is important. The general requirements of best medical schools for applicants are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degree with compulsory study of biology and chemistry. Some schools require the availability of hours for English, mathematics, and natural sciences.
  • Good MCAT results – a mandatory test for admission to medical schools in the United States. If necessary, the results of other standard tests are required.
  • English language knowledge test results – TOEFL, IELTS, or any other.

The entrant should carefully read the requirements of the school and other relevant information, which may differ from the standards. Some additional tests, examinations, and interviews may be required. In our report below, check the best medical schools and their entering requirements; find the least competitive medical schools here.

Harvard University 518 3.92 103 7.5
Johns Hopkins University 519 3.92 110 7.0
Stanford University 518 3.89 100 7.0
University of California, San Francisco 508 3.79 100 7.5
The Cornell University (Weill) 519 3.87 100 7.0
University of Virginia 519 3.9 100 7.0

The school admission committee evaluates such parameters as communication skills, computer literacy, and experience of volunteer work related to helping people or animals. References from school teachers are included in the standard set of documents for admission.

Final Say!

Medical school education in the USA is known for its high quality, and the standards of American medicine are well-known around the world. Those who have American diploma can successfully find employment not only in the US but in other countries. To enter American universities, it is not needed to pass the entrance exams. The selection of students is based on the results of tests, previous assessments, motivation letters, and other application documents. When submitting documents, it is necessary to take into account that education in the USA is exclusively paid. It is necessary to be very selective when choosing a school.

Choose one of the best medical schools in the US 2018 right now!