How to Choose College Majors

How to Choose College Majors
Table of Contents
  1. How to Choose College Majors
  2. Hottest College Majors and Related Jobs
  3. Dental hygiene
  4. Veterinary & biomedical sciences
  5. Sports & fitness administration
  6. Computer Science
  7. Nursing (different types)
  8. Computer engineering
  9. Health information technology
  10. Healthcare administration
  11. Network Systems Analyst

Deciding on your college major is a highly responsible step. It is not necessary to choose a major which is related to your further career, but it is recommended to study and work in somehow interconnected fields. There are a lot of factors to take into account before selecting the type of college major which suits you. Besides, it makes no sense to waste time on several different degrees at a time: you have to invest all your time in one field and building college application academic essay exactly for the university and major of your dream. 

Other published guides on college majors may be useful too. Except for the general college subjects, your curriculum will also include narrow areas such as Physics, Political Science, or Gender Studies. Most of the modern colleges add E-commerce as a separate discipline and major as far as the internet became a powerful tool of modern business people. There is one thing all contemporary college majors have in common: students will definitely have to use computers. Information technology and medicine are considered the top college majors as far as corresponding careers gain the highest salaries and social bonuses. Read this article to the end to find out what careers and degrees are the most wanted in today’s world. In case you haven’t made your decision yet, you might be interested in picking on of these areas. Anyway, you can change your decision at any time during your education if you don’t love what you do.

Hottest College Majors and Related Jobs

For most of the industries and college majors, last year was full of new job opportunities. At the same time, the basic indexes remained almost the same. Searching for well-paid sought-after positions which require skills you possess? In order to get a good job, it is better to gain Master’s degree. Before choosing your educational path, you have to decide on your further job. Here is a list of most wanted college majors and relevant jobs for you to pick from. You can ease your application process by using help from experts online.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygienists are among the most demanded and perspective professionals in the field of healthcare. Unlike surgery or manual physician, this job does not require that huge medical background except for the college major in dental hygiene. After all, compared to other entry-level positions like registered nurse, the wages are more than enough. American Dental Association certificate is the only must to gain up to $70,000 per year. Note that you’ll need years of experience and college major before becoming a really great dental hygienist.

Veterinary & biomedical sciences

Do you care about animals? Then, a veterinary technician is just the right job for you once you end up with your college major in biomedical sciences. Private technicians who serve pets on house are very appreciated and rare experts. Pet doctors are valued less than human, but it doesn’t reduce the importance of their roles. They help both animals and their owners. A vet tech is tested less strictly: all they have to do is to pass a single college exam. The advanced knowledge in pet’s health might be a plus. The duties are also simple: interpreting the tests results (without even conducting them), stating diagnoses and supporting pet’s health level. The salary is twice smaller than mentioned above.

Sports & fitness administration

There is no need to tell how demanded fitness trainers are in the age when everyone watches after their bodies. College major in sports is thus a trend. The absolute record holder in terms of college majors and top careers is a fitness trainer. Thanks to the new fashion trend, sporty girls and guys are in demand now. So are the fitness center’s jobs. You don’t have to be a professional trainer: a close friend of mine got the job only because of his passion for bodybuilding. That’s it. The expected wages for this kind of job are $40,000-45,000. After all, it’s a great opportunity always to keep fit and healthy. The attendance for workers is free of charge.

Computer Science

The most popular occupation from this college major category is known as a database administrator. It’s a rather complicated and valued job. Database administrators are usually among the most responsible company’s IT specialists as the entire computer system depends on them. Well, this one stayed on the list for the last decade. Good system administrators are always in top 10 due to the rapid digital world’s development. Storing, retrieving, organizing, and controlling databases are as easy as ABC for the modern generation. So, be ready with your Associate’s Degree in Computer Science (or good luck) to receive $65,000 annually.

Nursing (different types)

Medical assistant sounds like something amateur, but, I fact, people of this position possess all chances to become professional doctors and even surgeons one day. This age is all about IT and healthcare college majors. Eat humble pie. Be ready to perform basic medical aid and care for patients. Your recruiter might be a private physician, chiropractor, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, or another doc. This position suits students perfectly as part of their internship program, so there are no obligatory documents required for the salary of around $30,000.

Computer engineering

A Software Engineer is a top winner in this area. Mobile applications and online games are especially admired nowadays. You are at the right time and the right place within your potential IT company if you can boast at least Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Ready to get your $60,000 for the small but smart ideas?

Health information technology

Health Information Technician is a rare and well-paid profession with dozens of responsibilities and obligations. A.k.a. medical record keeper, these guys can make $30,000 for just saving doctor’s time for patient's treatment.

Healthcare administration

It is true that majors in arts are less wanted than healthcare professionals. Yes, I warned you there is a plenty of them. Your recruiter will be interested in your Accreditation from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant before paying a bit more than $90,000! It’s a right path for those who wish to become talented physicians one day. You can also try being physical therapist aide once you finish your college major. It’s a good start to reaching previous position and wages level one day. Being high school graduate is all you need for sure. The payment is twice lower at his stage.

Network Systems Analyst

At last, a leader regarding required certificates, Network Systems Analyst. You’ll be asked to bring your Network Analyst Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Information Science, or Systems Engineering, but the payment is not that huge: $55,000. So think of it: maybe, the system administrator will suit you better? As we can see, liberal arts and other humanitarian sciences are not among best college majors. Unless you are really interested in these fields, it is recommended to gain skills in medicine, engineering, and IT. When you finally make a choice regarding your preferred college major, rely on professional admissions essay writing service where you can buy 100% original application papers. Making choices regarding your college life and career is a hard job, but we hope that these tips would help.