International Education - Find the Best

International Education - Find the Best

Nowadays the number of international students is increasing and recently obtaining the diploma in the foreign country has become quite popular. More and more countries open their borders for new young brains. If 10 years ago the USA took the leading place in providing international students with prestigious education and now lots of countries create and develop different programs in order to attract foreign students. Before deciding what country to choose, you have to take into consideration all pros and cons of international education and make a profound research about the foreign universities. Sometimes it may turn out that the profession that you would like to obtain is not highly required in your country, so be careful and think twice what and where you would like to study.

Which is the best?

The first step to be made is to choose the country. It only seems easy, but if you don’t have some specific requirements and benchmark, you are running a risk of getting lost in tones of information about countries, cities, universities, faculties and living conditions. The variety is amazing and it is difficult to find the most suitable. In this article we give you a short summary of pluses and minuses of education in different countries.

Great Britain

It is a well-known fact that studying in Britain is very prestigious and interesting. If you enter the university there, you will attach to the centuries-old history and traditions which run through the student’s life in Albion. Nevertheless, students shouldn’t forget that there is also a practical side of studying in England.


  • High rating of the universities
  • Great quality of education
  • Diplomas are acknowledges world wide
  • Constant language practice with native speakers
  • Interesting and thrilling student’s life
  • Great chances of employment


  • High tuition fee
  • Difficulties in getting and prolonging the student visa
  • Tough competition
  • Chances of staying in England after finishing the education are very small


Everybody knows the expression “American dream”. Lots of students choose education in America because it gives more opportunities. Hundreds of universities enroll international students; the choice of educational programs is definitely impressive. Let’s see good and bad points of studying in this country.


  • Worldwide famous universities with immaculate reputation
  • Great variety of educational programs
  • Developed system of students exchange
  • Availability of student’s campuses in almost all universities
  • International student body
  • Good chances of finding a job
  • Respectful and friendly treatment of international students


  • Quite high tuition fee
  • Job restrictions during and after studying
  • Educational system differs from many other countries
  • Unusual mentality
  • Quite expensive living conditions and transport

New Zeeland

In comparison with other countries, New Zeeland is a novice in the international education. Nevertheless, modern teaching methods and great sport opportunities attract a lot of foreign students.


  • High quality education
  • British system of education which is considered to be one of the best in the world
  • New universities with progressive views
  • Tuition fee is lower than in other countries
  • Observance of international students’ rights
  • Possibility to stay there for one year after finishing education in order to find a job
  • Perfect climate for sun and warmth lovers


  • Not so experienced in the international studying filed
  • Geographically “alienated”
  • Very expensive plane tickets which may be a problem to visit family and friends


Netherlands is one of the most popular countris with students on the continental Europe. Studying in Europe has its advantages – you don’t have to travel very far and still you get international education. What else you should know about studying in Holland?


  • Lots of scholarships and grants for international students
  • Tuition fee is lower than in Britain or the USA
  • Possibility to study in English
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Diplomas acknowledged all over the world
  • Possibility to combine work with studying
  • Exciting student’s life in the international collective
  • Possibility to stay there for one year after finishing education in order to find a job


  • Considerable difference in the cost of accommodation, products, goods and services between the capital and the province
  • Some educational programs are available only in the Netherlands language
  • Statistically, the total cost of life in the Netherlands is higher, than in such large cities as Sydney and Toronto


If studying in another country is too trivial, you can study on another continent, and Australia will help you. Even though it is far and quite expensive, Australia is gaining popularity among foreign students.


  • Any course is thought over, structured, organized and planned. On the Internet the student can choose the subjects and to create his own schedule.
  • Tuition fee is 30-40% cheaper than in America or Europe
  • Low requirements to knowledge of language
  • Employment prospect
  • Possibility of working during education


  • Often colleges choose teachers on the basis of their knowledge, but not ability to teach.
  • The preference is given to Asian students and teaching is focused specifically on them.
  • Geographically “alienated” that makes it difficult to visit family and friends
  • No grants and scholarships for international students

You are to choose

It is clear that every country has its own advantages and disadvantages, so be careful when you choose, think twice, find more information and make a well-weighted decision. Please also check our guide how to write solution essay with 30 topics provided.

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