How to Travel the World Cheap: Tips for Traveling on a Budget

How to Travel the World Cheap: Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Do you feel you need a break from your classes and are wondering how to find options with cheap trips for college students? Don’t want think about how to write an essay?

Today, travel expenses for adults, if they make a journey with a child, can reach thousands of dollars with booking flights, paying hotel rooms fees, sightseeing, going out to eat. Don’t think you can afford it?

Luckily, there are wonderful holiday destinations around the world that you can visit even on a tiny budget. Read on to discover the cheapest places to visit for youth travelers and adults with children.

Need advice on how to book cheap travel tickets? In this article, you will find tips on how to travel the world cheap and save money on vacation packages.

Cheap Trips for College Students: 9 Money-saving Tips

International students typically spend days on end in the library and in the class, reading textbooks and scholarly articles and writing a large number of essays, research papers and other types of academic content, which doesn’t leave them much free time for fun. Is it possible to afford time for a break? In our age of advanced internet technologies, you can find time for a beach getaway or a city trip during a weekend throughout a year, if you get professional academic writing help on our site.

Wondering how to travel the world cheap? Here are 9 great tips from experienced travelers.

  1. Plan ahead and time your trip strategically by performing diligent research – browse lots of travel sites and search for various offers to stay aware how much money you will need to pay for hotels and flight tickets. Search deals with maximum economy.
  2. Use online tools - Trip Watcher or Travelzoo to track travel trends. You will be able to receive notifications about the best deals if you enter your email address and sign up to get special newsletters from any deal-oriented company.  
  3. There are a few travel companies for students. Student Universe and STA Travel offer package deals and great discounts to students and you can get them if you verify your enrollment. On their websites, you can find lots of money-saving tips or a link to download a useful app. To protect your customer rights, they will provide you with insurance.
  4. You can increase your savings if you book a hotel room and flight together compared to the price of them if you choose to book them separately. Your savings can differ due to the selected travel supplier, dates, the length of your trip, origin or destination.
  5. Avoid expensive airfares and choose a low-cost airline. It’s preferable to have a loose vacation plan because if you are able to shift a date of your departure or arrival for a day or two, it can make a big difference on the price of one-way and return tickets. Frequent flyers can travel on points or miles. Airline miles are a part of loyalty programs. Keep in mind that most award seats are available towards the date of the departure. You don’t have to worry about check-in process because you can easily do it using an online form. You will need to fill in required fields.
  6. If you choose to go on a vacation a month before or after a high season, you can save a large amount of money on cheap travel tickets, car rentals, accommodations. Your hotel bill during check-out will be lower if you take a trip during the shoulder season. You can also get a discount on paid attractions.
  7. Any digital-savvy traveler will benefit if he/she downloads some travel apps that can help you organize your time, plan your activities, compare prices you'll pay to buy tickets on different airlines and different airports, view info about transit fares in different cities,  and save on your expenses. You can track prices of your desired destination with Google Flights, Hopper, Skyscanner.
  8. You can buy an International Student Identity Card. It is recognized in 120 countries in the world. You will be able to access to a wide variety of discounts at tours, restaurants, hotels, and individual attractions.
  9. Staying in hostels is cheaper than in hotels. You can use reserved services such as to find great deals on hostels anywhere in the world. Another good option to save money on accommodations is couch-surfing.

Cheap Countries to Travel to

Looking for ideas of cheap trips for college students? There are countries where travel costs can be much lower than in other popular destinations. We did an online research based on the general cost of living, the latest rental, transportation and other services prices, including the current meals and attractions prices, favorable exchange rates in certain countries and cities, and selected some fantastic cheap trip destinations for international travelers.  Here is our exclusive list.

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Thailand
  3. Laos
  4. Mexico
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Romania
  7. Indonesia
  8. Albania
  9. Portugal
  10. Nepal

You can afford to visit these amazing cheap countries to travel to without breaking your bank account. They offer great value, the world’s most magnificent sights, and exciting experiences.

Cheap Places to Travel in the US

Planning a trip and want affordable student holiday deals in the United States? There are a lot of cheap places to travel in the US for weekend getaways. Check our list of top affordable US destinations.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico is famous for its Balloon Fiesta.
  • Jacksonville, Florida offers easy access to lots of nearby beaches.
  • Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida is the best choice for water lovers who can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.
  • Tucson is an ideal place in winter.
  • Charleston, South Carolina offers amazing food tours.

As you see, there are multiple options for cheap trips for college students. So what are you waiting for? College years are the best for meeting new people and expanding your cultural horizons traveling solo or with a group of your friends. Even broke college students can afford to explore the world thanks to travel cheap flights, vacation package bookings with discounts, budget-friendly accommodations. Are you too busy with your coursework? Ask professional writers from our service to help you complete your challenging case studies and other assignments in any subject, select an affordable destination and start saving up and making plans for your fantastic adventure trip right now.