How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper
  2. What is a Conclusion: Main functions, Definition, and Techniques
  3. How to Create a Conclusion: Making an Outline
  4. Do and Don't Tips to Make a Good Conclusion
  5. Professional Help With Conclusion From Experts

When you are writing a research paper or search research paper ideas, you have to end it logically. According to the definition of conclusion, this is a final part of your work. Some people think it's better to concentrate on the main part of the manuscript, but it's also very important to end your work and to summarize everything you wrote above. Without a good final, your entire work may seem not finished and imperfect. It's quite important to spend some time and write this part of your research paper according to rules. In this guide, we will provide readers with the main instructions on how to write a conclusion for a research paper.

When you're writing this paragraph, remember you should follow these rules to make conclusion bright and interesting:

  • Restate your research paper's thesis statement;
  • Try to summarize at least 3 sub-points of the paper;
  • Impress the reader with your excellent final and leave them with something they could think about.
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What is a Conclusion: Main functions, Definition, and Techniques

So, let's define what does conclusion mean and what are its functions:

  • A conclusion is your paper's final part, and this is what you leave the reader with.
  • It finishes your work logically and hooks the audience.
  • With this paragraph, you demonstrate that you reached the goals you set before.
  • A bright conclusion must show the audience that you successfully proved the thesis and demonstrate your work's importance.
  • It gives the audience a feeling of finish on the subject.

Keep in your memory that according to the conclusion's meaning, it is the opposite thing to your paper's introduction. So, when your manuscript's first paragraph begins more general but ends specific, the last paragraph should start more specific but end generally.

There are several techniques on how to write a conclusion for a research paper properly. We want to share the most popular:

  • The frame of the circle — in this technique the author comes back to the introduction to reflect things from the first paragraph. This gives your work a sense of completion.
  • Simple summary — try to synthesize all your paper's major ideas and show the readers you reached the goal of your writing.
  • Panning to the horizon — you need to broaden your research paper topic, bringing an analogy and comparing your subject to the larger issue, encouraging the audience to think further.
  • Call to action — this technique is used in the last paragraph to propose to the audience to do something.

How to Create a Conclusion: Making an Outline

Before starting to write, it's useful to create an outline for your last paragraph. This will be very helpful to make a bright conclusion that will end your work properly. So, this is how your outline must look like:

  • The first sentence — restate your research paper thesis statement. Do not just rewrite it, try to rephrase it with a new understanding.
  • Supporting sentences — try to summarize your work's main points you mentioned in the body part. Explain to the readers how these ideas fit together.
  • Final sentence — write your final words and provide the audience with a sense of finish.
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Do and Don't Tips to Make a Good Conclusion

If you need fresh ideas about how to write a strong conclusion for a research paper, try to use one or more of these methods that should work:

  • Make a summary of your work's main points;
  • Ask an interesting question in the end that may force people to continue your research;
  • Include a quotation related to your topic;
  • Call the audience for an action;
  • Write a warning in the end;
  • Compare your work's problem in other situations;
  • Suggest consequences or results;
  • Paint a bright image for your readers.

If you're thinking about how to make a good conclusion for your paper, at the same time, avoid next mistakes that won't make your last paragraph successful:

  • Never just copy and paste the research paper thesis statement without any changes; this would make your work sound repetitive and unprofessional;
  • Don't bring a new subtopic in the last paragraph of your paper;
  • Never try to focus on the minor point of your work, this would make the entire research paper weak;
  • Don't write unnecessary information here;
  • Never start this paragraph with overused and odd phrases.
  • No need to write such phrases as “in summary”, “in conclusion”, “in the closing of my work”. This may work for speeches, but for a research paper it is not a good idea;
  • You have to restate your thesis statement, but not to state it for the first time here.
  • Never bring new ideas or facts into the last paragraph. This is not a place for such things. The same goes about bringing evidence that should be written in the body part of your research paper;
  • Never apologize with words like “this is only my opinion”, or “I am not an expert in this”, because you make your work very unprofessional with such sayings.

Professional Help With Conclusion From Experts

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